Middle-earth Lore is Here!

Old BookAs I’ve already mentioned a few (dozen) times, including in this earlier post entitled “The Voice“, I am one of many, many people involved in creating a new YouTube web series called “Middle-earth Lore”. One of the reasons that I’m so proud to be attached to this project is standard of quality that it has established. When I heard the list of names of people Andang had recruited to assist in the series (it reads like a who’s who of Tolkien gaming and lore), I had high hopes that the end result would be something special, and it does not disappoint. I could go on and on about the video, or I could just embed it below and let you watch it for yourselves. So, please enjoy episode 1 of Middle-Earth Lore: The Shire.

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The Voice

MicrophoneHave you ever listened to your own voice? I can remember as a kid, my parents let us play around with an audio cassette recorder that they had for some reason or other. My siblings and I would sing songs, create shows, or just babble on about nothing in particular and then quickly rewind the tape to see what it sounded like. I had mostly forgotten that feeling until I started podcasting about two years ago. When I joined LOTRO Players News on episode 8, I started listening to that podcast every week to seek out areas of improvement for both the show Continue reading

Community – Why Do We Do It?

This morning, I awoke to a bit of a shock. As usual, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed to see what my European friends had posted while I was in dreamland when I started seeing farewells and well-wishes to one of my favorite fellow LOTRO players, Whiteberry (If you’ll remember, Whiteberry was a guest on my podcast last month). I started feverishly scrolling back on the timeline to figure out what was going on. Finally, I reached the original source of the conversation, a post in which Whiteberry announced her departure from LOTRO and all related projects, said her farewells, and listed the reasons for her decision for those of us who cared to know.

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Movie Review: Rise of the Fellowship

Three years after the initial release, I finally sat down to watch “Rise of the Fellowship“, thanks to it’s availability on Netflix streaming. Originally titled “The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers” back before distribution problems delayed widespread release, the film is a buddy comedy that parodies many aspects of the Peter Jackson LOTR trilogy and showcases game footage from the Lord of the Rings Online MMO.

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