Lord of the Rings Online/Elder Scrolls Online Comparison (Part 1)


Note: This post was originally written for and published by Contains Moderate Peril in 2014. as it no longer exists on that site, and because I’ve recently started playing ESO again, I thought it would be fun to resurrect the series on my own blog. Enjoy!

A question was directed to me on Twitter the other day: “How would you compare ESO to LOTRO?”. I muddled through a response as well as I could, but given the Twitter character limitation and complexity of the topic, I decided to also dedicate an entire post series of posts to it. This specific article will explore the graphics and questing aspects of both games.

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Reaction to Rogue One

I don’t really get excited for films any more. Perhaps it’s a reflection of my life stage that I don’t have hours to spend pouring over trailers or blog post theories or wiki sites. I will typically give a trailer one or two viewings and move on, reasoning that my next taste of the action will be whenever the film hits a convenient medium. That said, last year’s successful resurrection of the Star Wars franchise did have me looking forward to some spinoff stories. Considering what Disney/Marvel has been able to do with the MCU, I was happy to hear that we’d be fleshing-out the world in a way that only the expanded universe had attempted in the past.

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It is finished.

5841979717_b25ea9c870_zThe time has come. I’ve been fighting the idea for several months now, but the nagging sensation has become too loud to ignore. It’s time for me to admit that I’m finished creating gaming content. My schedule has gotten to be incredibly crazy with kids in soccer, basketball, band, volleyball and whatever other miscellaneous activity is happening on any given day, but the bottom line is that my heart is not in it any more. If it was, I’d find a way to make it work, but it’s just not. I started this journey back in February of 2011 when I signed up for a plucky little MMO called Lord of the Rings Online. My interest in the game and community, and later the larger gaming community, continued to grow as I deepened my understanding of various aspects of the industry and broadened my network of fellow enthusiasts and friends.

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Vacation Adventures: Braxclan Geocaching Log

CompassI’ve not been doing much gaming lately, as the family and I are on vacation in the north lakes. We stay with my parents at their summer place, and this year my sister also made the trip with her family. It’s been one big weeklong family get-together! Typically, though, we take one day to go off on our own, just myself, Mrs. Brax and the kids, and do something besides the normal fishing, swimming, and eating that normally comprises our vacation days.

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