Braxlog 5: Shared Experiences

beyond bossfights logo smallIn this Braxlog, I talk about how it’s more difficult to have a “shared experience” within the new world of on-demand online entertainment.



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One thought on “Braxlog 5: Shared Experiences

  1. Pasduil January 28, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    A few random thoughts…

    Like you I’m usually behind with trying out the latest games or watching the newest shows. The only downside I feel in that is missing out on all those conversations that might be happening around them just after launch.

    Books were mostly always like this.The main ways people got a shared experience with them were either a) read them soon after first release when there was a buzz or b) read along with a book club. Maybe there should be things like book clubs for video now!

    I think there are some places that do that online. This is one I have come across:

    The one thing where there are still shared experiences is sports. If you know people who like the same sport as you, even more so the same team or a close rival, you can pretty much count on them to know the latest happenings in almost real time and also be eager to discuss them.


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