New Landmark Codes for Extra Life Donors!

I had a bit of a surprise this week. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has seen fit to donate a group of Landmark codes for my Extra Life campaign! The codes are for 7 day Landmark beta keys and glass platform items. So, from now on, I will be giving away a Landmark glass platform “bundle” (one 7 day beta key and one glass platform code) for every donor who leaves their contact information while donating to my Extra Life page (while supplies last). Ever wanted to try Landmark? Now is the perfect time! Please note, this giveaway is in addition to the game raffles that all donors will have a chance to win!

Those who have already donated, I will be sending your codes along shortly, so be watching your e-mail!

The glass platform item is a transparent building item that looks like the following:

Landmark Glass Platform

Thanks again to SOE for their generosity and support of Extra Life!

One thought on “New Landmark Codes for Extra Life Donors!

  1. Pasduil September 27, 2014 / 11:44 am

    Amazing! Kudos to SOE I say. And to you of course.


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