Beyond Bossfights Episode 9 – When a Gaming Community Dies

This month, I’m joined by Andrew (DJPimpDaddy) to talk about his experiences with community building. Andrew shares with us the rise and fall of two successful gaming communities that he has been involved in.

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Show notes:

Guest this episode: Andrew from

Main Topic – When a Gaming Community Dies

Questions/Topics for discussion:

  • What was This Week in Minecraft and how did it come about?
  • What were your goals for the show?/Did you consider the show successful?
  • What was your (personal) reason for doing the show (if different than the goal question)?
  • When did you realize that things were going south?
  • What made you realize that it was time to end the show?
  • Now that you had been through this experience, you had a chance to start from scratch and “do things right” from the start with LNS.
  • What was LNS, and what kinds of things did you do differently from the very beginning?
  • How was LNS received?
  • Did you recognize some of the signs of pending trouble from your previous experiences? If so, did you try to correct course on the fly?
  • What was the “final straw” for LNS?
  • How did you feel when you realized this had happened *again*?
  • At this point, do you feel there is a solution for the hobbyist who is striving to both a) build an audience and b) keep it affordable? What can the rest of us take away from your experiences?

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Great show, mighty Braxwolf. The topic you explored this week is an important one and one that most gamers need to hear more about, myself included. Thank you very much for the food for thought. It was a full meal indeed. I enjoyed listening to Cari and Sig as well. They both contributed nicely to the conversation.

Not really sure how you see things from your end, but from where I sit, Beyond Bossfights feels like a labor of love.   The consistent quality and thought-provoking conversations are a real pleasure to listen to.  I sincerely hope you continue to put these out for years to come.



I’m a big fan of this podcast, as it offers a lot of very interesting perspectives on some of the wider issues around gaming and MMORPG’s, too. It’s well edited, and with great sound quality. Would definitely recommend!

You can send your feedback to and I’ll read it on the podcast. Reminder that Beyond Bossfights is on iTunes and Stitcher. I would appreciate your ratings and reviews!

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Twitter: @djpimpdaddy@itguydown




Twitter: @Braxwolf





Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov tags:

#podcast #conversation #MMO


3 thoughts on “Beyond Bossfights Episode 9 – When a Gaming Community Dies

  1. Roger Edwards (@ModeratePeril) September 2, 2014 / 2:39 am

    An extremely informative show. I have been involved with group projects in the past and much of what was discussed seemed very familiar.

    It is important for everyone involved in a show to be equally committed and have a clear common purpose. Sadly, the more people you involve the harder that is to manage.

    I’ve certainly had moments when my podcast has teetered on the brink of tipping from a pleasure into a chore. It’s a tricky balancing act.

    I look forward to finding out more about Andrew’s next project.


  2. zyngor September 2, 2014 / 3:13 pm

    Great conversation, should probably be listened to all who are thinking about starting their own podcast community in order to be aware of several possible pitfalls. While I do not compare on the same level of having had any podcast experience myself, I suppose I could connect on a level of individuals’ waning interests within a gaming forum, and it’s eventual collapse.

    The longer your own community is in existence, and the more devotion you put into your project, the harder it will definitely be if/when it comes time to say goodbye.

    Best of luck for Andrew’s future endeavors – hope he can improve some of those past woes with the next project…don’t make me cue up the Mario death music!


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