Beyond Bossfights Episode 5 – Gaming Communities (Part 1)

This month, I’m joined by Roger Edwards, blogger, podcaster and community builder. We talk about in-game communities and some of the benefits/downfalls surrounding them. We also talk a very long time about the Newbie Blogger Initiative to explain what it is, how it builds community, and how it benefits both the gaming community as a whole as well as the individual participants. Not sure how to get involved in the NBI? Give us a listen, we mention several ways!

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Show notes:

Guest this episode: Roger Edwards of Contains Moderate Peril Podcast and Blog

Definitive Gaming History

Main Topic – Community

Reason for Discussion:

The Importance of User Communities in Online Games (slideshow)

  • Users may come for the game, but they’ll stay for the community
  • Community features are crucial to user retention in online games
  • Gaming communities build brand loyalty
  • Gaming communities are a two-sided blade and need to receive professional and quality support from the games operators


Questions/Topics for discussion:

  • When did community become such a large part of gaming?
  • In-Game
    • What are some examples of in-game social capabilities and which ones are “required” in order for a game to succeed? Which ones are becoming “expected” by gamers?
    • What are the downfalls to in-game community?What is the Newbie Blogger Initiative, and how are you involved? (add link for NBI forums)
    • How do you see the NBI enhancing the general gaming community?
    • The democratization of writing, broadcasting and publishing tools is a unparalleled cultural shift. People have become increasingly skeptical of traditional information outlet. Blogging and building communities is a great way to get more relevant information, directly interact with like minded people and enhance your enjoyment of a game through shared experience)
    • Creating content is a excellent transferable skill
    • Interacting with as broad a spectrum of people as possible is a positive thing and socially beneficial



Mighty Braxwolf,

Thanks for reading my email on your podcast again.  It’s always a surprise to hear something you’ve written read out loud on a podcast—but I’ll admit, it’s certainly far from unpleasant.

I’ll get you an iTunes review up soon.  You deserve some more 5 stars.

Enjoyed the podcast again.  I knew next to nothing about machinima.  That’s changed now thanks to you.

Looking forward to your next episode.

Take care, Randolph


One of those podcast’s that you wait for it come out every month. To see what the topic will be and who the Guest will be. Braxwolf does a wonderful job, of keeping the show moving and on track. A GREAT Listen!

 – Draculetta

I have to say, Beyond Boss Fights is one of the best engaging Podcasts I’ve listened to in a long time! If you haven’t checked out Brax and his work your missing out BIG! Thanks Brax and keep up the awesome work Bro!!

 – Iogro Merrybelly

I found this podcast after Braxwolf appeared as a guest on LOTRO Reporter. I thought I would check it out since he claimed to tackle some of those philosophical and political questions that are missed in mere gaming “news.” Well, he does deliver.

That being said, I do wish it went deeper – this could be amended by involving more voices or getting at further underlying questions. Don’t mind me though, I am a ‘hard-to-please’ philosophy student (yes I am making fun of myself) and I give this criticism because I already like what Braxwolf is doing a lot. It takes time to do what he does and I appreciate it.

– mateikav

You can send your feedback to and I’ll read it on the podcast. Reminder that Beyond Bossfights is on iTunes and Stitcher. I would appreciate your ratings and reviews!

Contact information:

Newbie Blogger Initiative

Blog site:


About Page:

Twitter: @newbieblogger2


Twitter: @ModeratePeril






Twitter: @Braxwolf





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10 thoughts on “Beyond Bossfights Episode 5 – Gaming Communities (Part 1)

  1. Izlain May 3, 2014 / 3:57 pm

    First time listening, I enjoyed the show! I’ll be tuning in from now on.


    • Braxwolf May 4, 2014 / 9:21 am

      Awesome! Thanks for dropping by, Izlain!


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